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Microfiber Car Duster

Microfiber Car Duster

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How it works?

Our refillable perfume atomizer is designed for easy use. Simply align the small hole at the bottom with your perfume bottle's nozzle, pump, and fill. It's that simple—no spills, no mess, just your favorite fragrance on the go.

How many sprays does it offer?

It can easily last upto 60-70 sprays with 5 ml of perfume liquid!

How is the build quality?

Our refillable perfume atomizer is all about quality and durability. Made from really good stuff, it's built strong to last a long time. So you can keep your favorite scent safe and sound, no worries. It's like having a fancy bottle that never lets you down.

Will it leak?

And guess what? It won't spill a drop! Yep, our atomizer is like a superhero against leaks. So go ahead, toss it in your bag or pocket—your scent stays put, guaranteed.

1. Dust Removal of Car Body: This car wash brush can effectively remove dust and dirt from your car's exterior without scratching the paint. It is also multifunctional to clean the interior of your car, such as the dashboard, seats, and windows.
2. Effective Dirt Removal: This car cleaning brush has long, thick, and dense bristles that can remove dirt and dust from your car effectively. Its multi-tentacle design allows you to reach every corner of your car with ease.
3. All-around Cleaning: This car wash brush has a microfiber brush head that can clean your car without damaging the paint. It is a car cleaning duster that can reach every corner and remove dust and dirt. It is also comfortable to use with a soft grip handle.
4. Reliable Car Wash Brush: As you wash your car, this brush will remove dirt and grime with its thick and dense bristles. It has a reinforced metal rod that makes it sturdy and durable.
5. Widely Suitable: Whether you need to clean your car, motorcycle, RV, truck, SUV, or window, this car duster brush can handle any surface. It can also be used at home or in the closet.

6. Effective Soap Cleansing: It can effectively spread soap and cleanse car paint and is washable through taking the microfiber brush off.


Which colors will I get?

If you select color option: Men, you will be provided manly colors eg. Black, Gold etc. If you select color option: Women, you will be provided colors eg. Pink, Purple etc.

NOTE: If someone wants custom colors, they can email them to us at along with order number.

How to return?

If you want to return any product. Simply email us at along with order number and the issue under 14 days after delivery. We will reach to you under 24 hours!

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Customer Reviews

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Kamran Suidiqqi

This product is excellent for keeping dust out of your car

Asim Car Wash

Really exceptional product! We can no longer do without it, now we will evaluate the duration over time after frequent use and washing.
However recommended product